Elite? Meet Elite.

Build Your Brand & Network at the Highest Level.

For the first time, utilize the power of 2 Market Media’s exclusive club of high-performing and well connected individuals through coaching, podcast marketing, and special access to 2MM’s team of Marketing and Branding professionals.

“A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats.”

…But first, you have to get into the water.

Think of it as a Brand Building Networking Club. 2MM specializes in working with high-level individuals who are looking to expand their presence through speaking appearances, courses, podcasts, mailing lists, social media, and more.

By connecting these individuals across many different fields such as Real Estate, Finance, Self-Empowerment, Media, Technology, and More, all members of “2 Market Media Elite” have the chance to learn from one another, Network, and most importantly, collaborate to grow each other’s bases.


You’re here, so you already know.

No matter what field you’re in, having knowledge coming to you from a diverse set of high-level thinkers is one of the most valuable assets you can have in the world of business.

Our set of clients includes:
✅ A selection of Real Estate Professionals, ready to teach you how to navigate a volatile market.
World-Class Speakers, with the ability to teach you how to turn your expertise into paid and recurring speaking gigs.
Financial Professionals, who can guide you through better methods of allocating resources, and to build investments and savings.
✅ Various Self-Care and Mental Health Moguls, setting you up with a Morning Routine that is sure to give you the best chance at having a productive day.

And so, so many others.


This program gives you direct access to other members of 2 Market Media Elite. You’ll have the chance to receive coaching, not only from 2 Market Media on building and growing your brand, but also from other members of the Club, granting you the ability to exceed, grow, and connect in new ways you never imagined possible.

For just $8,000 annually, you’re applying for:

  • One Of Just 100 Exclusive Seats In This Elite Club
  • World-class Weekly Brand and Business Coaching From Hank Norman
  • Elite Members Who Provide Coaching To Other Members Twice Per Month
  • Access To An All-Around Podcast Network, Where You Can Opt-in to Book Other Elite Members On Your Podcast And Vice Versa
  • Monthly Personalized Business Development Introductions to Elite Club Members
  • Lifetime Access To 2MM’s Premier Branding Course “Star Power”
  • Access To An Exclusive Club Facebook Group For Collaboration, Networking, and Special Guest Masterminds

Plus, long-term members (12 Months+) will have the ability to acquire STAKE in the network, putting you in a position to grow alongside the program.

“2 Market Media Elite” is exclusively capped at 100 Members to ensure availability, access, and connection between those taking part. 


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ABOUT 2 Market Media

We are not a PR or talent agency. And we don’t just “consult”; we work. We hand pick individuals and businesses we want to work with who want to grow their media and product platforms, and act as a creative and business development partner. We also work alongside leading talent agencies, management groups, production companies, and PR firms throughout the entertainment industry. We deliver a wide range of relationships designed to enhance brand awareness, distribute products, and create sponsorship revenue.

2 Market Media is a full-service media partnership group that builds powerful media brands and businesses with established and rising media personalities. We launch clients through all media verticals, including radio, television, publishing and the web by tapping our wide range of strategic relationships to build and enhance awareness, distribution and sponsorship revenue. Dozens of our clients have gone on to produce bestselling books, nationally syndicated radio shows, and wide media followings.