2 Market Media is a full-service media partnership group that builds powerful media brands and businesses with established and rising media personalities. We launch clients through all media verticals, including radio, television, publishing and the web by tapping our wide range of strategic relationships to build and enhance awareness, distribution and sponsorship revenue. Dozens of our clients have gone on to produce bestselling books, nationally syndicated radio shows, and wide media followings.





Create a unique and differentiated brand that will set you apart in the media.


Perfect delivering your message across all media platforms.


Position and package you strategically to get you the most attention out of traditional and digital media.


Turn your brand into a business with real cash flow.


We Believe

To get ahead in the media, you have to give your audience something they haven't seen or heard before. What do you do that's different? What makes you stand out? What's your mission? What are you solving? By branding and positioning you the right way (and providing training and development), we put your differentiating factor at the forefront, letting you build and capitalize your media brand to create a long-term career.






We are not a PR or talent agency. And we don't just "consult"; we work. We hand pick individuals and businesses we want to work with who want to grow their media and product platforms, and act as a creative and business development partner. We also work alongside leading talent agencies, management groups, production companies, and PR firms throughout the entertainment industry. We deliver a wide range of relationships designed to enhance brand awareness, distribute products, and create sponsorship revenue.

    • Brand positioning.
    • Differentiate you in a crowded space.
    • Develop messaging that is accessible
    • & powerful.
    Brand Building
      • Training from seasoned media
      • personalities.
        • Get real on-air experience.
        • Evaluate your performance.


    Media Coaching
    • Use our contacts to gain more
    • exposure.
    • Introductions to big names in your
    • space.
    • Connect with players to generate
    • revenue.
    • Create foundational and sales
    • materials.
    • Conceptualize and produce
    • digital content.
    • Create sizzle reel, tv pitches and
    • book proposals
    Production & Content
    • Product development, strategy, and
    • execution.
    • Pursue marketing, sales,
    • & sponsorships deals.
    • Increase existing product exposure
    • and ROI.
    Business Development


  • Hank Norman

  • Steve Carlis

  • Rebecca Bent

    Managing Partner
  • Nicholas Nikolov

    Chief Strategy Officer
  • Jani Moon

    Media Coach
  • Bianca Jade

    Media Coach
  • Leila Sbitani

    Media Coach
  • Alexia Beckford

    Director of Business Development
  • Jasmyn Jacob

    Business Development Manager
  • Kayle Scott

    Editorial and Project Manager
  • Graziana Mirabile

    Director of Production
  • Nancy Pop

    Producer, Content Development
  • Danielle Kessler

    Digital Media Manager
  • Bailey Outerbridge

    Brand Manager
  • Hannah DeLuca

    Brand Manager
  • 2 Market Media is an incredible investment of resources. I love these guys, they’re like family!

    Grant Cardone -

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